Are we all journalists now?

At September 17, 2010 Felix Salmon posted the article “Teaching journalist to read” on his blog, the article is about how Felix Salmon thinks journalists need to focus more on reading as journalism has become much more conversational, as Felix describes it. This development makes it possible for every person online to be a part of the conversation and Felix Salmon point out that you don’t even have to be a blogger to be a part of it, it’s even easier to participate on the social media as Facebook, Twitter etc. Felix Salmon writes:

“It started with the rise of the blogs, and if blogs are now slowly dying out, that’s only because the conversation has overtaken them. It’s moved to Twitter, and Facebook, and many mainstream websites, too: the web is social now. You no longer need a blog to be part of the conversation; you don’t even need a Tumblr. Everybody is a publisher now, and all these new networks have helped to create a new vibrancy in public discourse.”

In the same post Felix introduces Dean Starkman, who, as he writes on his Twitter, “edit The Audit, Columbia Journalism Review’s business section”. Felix Salmon describes Dean Starkman’s view on journalism as very old-fashioned, as he doesn’t acknowledge this new tendency and he complains about the loss of 15,000 journalists in the news business since 2000, which again Felix Salmon disagree about:

“but I don’t think that’s true at all. Mike Mandel is excellent on this, and in fact is a prime example of what’s going on: he might no longer be working for an old-school publication like Businessweek, but he’s still very much a journalist, and is even employing journalists as well”

From my perspective I agree with Felix Salmon, there is a constant development on the internet through this two-way communication, where the sender is forced to relate to the possibility of thousands of readers to comment on his/her work. Also I think if we as  writers, bloggers or call it journalists take more time to read and research we might improve our work. And I share Felix Salmons opinion when he says that tools like Twitter are doing a good job helping the public find the really good stuff, unless I think there might be quite a gap between the important and less important news.


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